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 Winter  2016                   


he mission of the Ohio Academy of General Dentistry is to serve the needs and to represent
the interests of Ohio affiliated general dentists and to foster their continued proficiency
through quality continuing dental education in order to better serve the public.


he vision of The Ohio Academy of General Dentistry is to improve the quality of
comprehensive dental care. We are motivated and united by the core human
values of integrity and compassion.

Calling All Volunteers!

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is proud to announce its first Call for Volunteers! Get Involved!

In an effort to involve more members and identify potential volunteers at all levels of the organization, the Academy is initiating a Call for Volunteers.

As an AGD volunteer, you'll receive:

  • recognition.
  • opportunity.
  • ideas.
  • leadership experience.

We Need You! The AGD needs volunteers for:

  • council/committee assignment.
  • task force assignment.
  • author assignment.
  • reviewer assignment.
  • constituent speaker assignment.
  • constituent volunteer assignment.
  • public liaison assignment.

We also need volunteers to act as liaisons to other dental organizations, and more! Sign Up Now!

Click Here to learn more and complete our volunteer form. Become a volunteer today!  
Thank you for your efforts in support of the AGD.

Bruce DeGinder, DDS, MAGD

2015 Ohio AGD President's Message

Dr. David Austin

Lifelong Learning/ Lifelong Service/ AGD Advocacy

Greetings, I'm David Austin, DDS, MS, and I have the distinct honor to serve as your Ohio AGD President for the next two years. I am so excited about the future of Dentistry and AGD's role. AGD is the second largest dental organization in the U.S.. AGD is thirty eight thousand members strong.
Eighty-five percent of dental school graduates become general dentists. AGD is the only organization exclusively dedicated to the needs of the general dentists. Through advocacy, the AGD gives a voice to the general dentist in the challenging and ever-changing legislative landscape of healthcare. Through programs like A Great Dentist goes to Washington, AGD is standing strong to protect the quality and access of dental care in America. To enhance the future of dentistry, AGD has embraced the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) and offers numerous benefits of AGD membership to dental students.

As of 2014, AGD is proud to announce a membership of four thousand dental students and the entire ASDA executive leadership are AGD members. Ohio AGD has embraced the future of dentistry as well. Through an OAGD bylaws amendment passed by membership, the OAGD Board of Directors has grown and now
includes designated Board positions for dental students from The Ohio State University and Case Western. The OAGD Board has also been strengthened by the addition of several new
members including a recent graduate representing the voice of the "Young Dentist". These changes are designed to increase communication and understanding to better serve the needs
and interests of OAGD members throughout their entire career.

On October 28, 2014, the Ohio AGD held an organizational meeting at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry to initiate the AGD student FellowTrack program. The FellowTrack program provides the AGD dental student member with up to 50 hours of continuing education credit during dental school as a benefit of AGD membership. FellowTrack also introduces the AGD dental student member to the concept of lifelong learning and the benefits of AGD membership. The FellowTrack program is designed to help give the AGD student members a competitive advantage by augmenting their dental school experience. FellowTrack is primarily presented as hour long "lunch and learns" at the dental school, but the AGD student members are eligible to attend other Ohio AGD CE courses. During the OSU FellowTrack orientation, I challenged the dental students with, "Don't think for a second that your dental education ends with graduation. Your dental degree is the
foundation for your professional career, It's only the beginning; a successful and rewarding practice is built and nurtured through lifelong learning. Lifelong service enriches the quality of your life and others."

I related that I had migraine headaches and was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and fibromyalgia. I was told that I was a chronic pain patient and that I would just have to live with
the pain. Lifelong learning and AGD accredited continuing education courses allowed me to change my life. I learned how to manage my Obstructive Sleep Apnea and become headache
and fibromyalgia free. I decided to help patients with the same disorders which led to formal training in Pain and Sleep Disorders. A position at The Ohio Stab University Department of
Neurology Headache Clinic soon followed. Currently I am teaching Ohio University Medical Students about Pain and Steep Disorders. I explained that being an AGD general dentist
provided the foundation and freedom to not only create and maintain a successful and rewarding practice, but live truly an enriched life benefiting my family and society. My AGD experience led me to volunteer for OAGD leadership. The OSU FellowTrack presentation was well received and we are estimating a hundred new AGD student members.

Recent Event Info: Dr. Sadineni is pictured at the ASDA vendor fair at OSU. 09/01/2015


The Ohio A.G.D. Welcomes New Members! 2016
To view our new 2015 members click here

Ramya Jagannathan
Matthew J. Kirlough
Sari I. Alqsous
Tingting Wu
Adam U. Gibson

If you have friends with similar interests, membership applications are available 
by contacting our Executive Secretary, Heidi Drollinger, at 330.416.8926.

OAGD Continuing Education

Regional Director's Message

By: Hans Guter DDS

Greetings! I am Hans Guter your regional director. I feel compelled to explain to you what the duties of the regional director are. While this position is a national one my main goal is to work with the constituencies within our region, region 7. So I am a conduit of communication from national to both Ohio and Indiana and vice versa. One of the main functions I have is to ensure that the constituency boards are functioning to their best potential as far as officers, committees, continuing education, etc. are concerned.

As I do with the boards that I work with I encourage all our members to use your state and national web pages as avenues of communication. Both states are in constant need of enthusiastic members who want to share their skills with us. Become involved at the state level and look at the national web page for what is known as “a call for volunteers”. While I encourage you to become involved at any level please know that starting at a state level is the best portal of entry.

Please support your constituency’s continuing education courses, visit us at our board meetings or communicate with any of us about questions, concerns or interests you might have. I wish for all of you a very healthy and successful 2016.

Hans Guter DDS Regional Director

Continuing Education message

We have an exciting year of continuing education lined up for 2016. Please log on to the Ohio State University College of Dentistry web page and look for our courses.

When you register please be aware that these courses are tailored to anyone who wants to attend. These courses are designed for those of you interested in pursuing Mastership, maintenance, non-members (recruiting) and at a discount for our existing Masters. Please support your CE courses and I look forward to seeing you.

Hans Guter, DDS

ce logoclick here for more  

Spring 2016 --- details coming soon

Next AGD Annual Meeting

2016    https://www.agd.org/am2016.aspx

Boston July 14th - 17th.

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