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AGD was founded 57 years ago with a mission of excellence through continued education and became a trend setter!

2014 Ohio AGD Mastership Awardees

Dr. Scott E. Gray, ABGD, FAGD                                          

2014 Ohio AGD Fellowship Awardees


Drs. Joseph G. Landry, II, DDS 
Dr. Daniel Balaze, DMD. 

AGD Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition Awardees (past recipients: 2010 Ohio) 

LLSR Distinction

Louis J Malcmacher. DDS, MAGD 
Kevin D Huff, DDS, MAGD

As a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD), these doctors have been recognized by the Academy's members as leaders who are committed to excellence in patient care. The FAGD award symbolizes the professional responsibility of general dentists to remain current in their profession. To achieve this award, these doctors completed a comprehensive written exam and a minimum of 500 hours of quality continuing dental education.

What do these designations mean?

Your general dentist cares about long-term dental health for you and your family and demonstrates that concern by pursuing additional designations. The Fellowship and Mastership designations are two of the most rigorous continuing dental education programs today.

What are Fellows of the AGD? A general dentist who is a "Fellow" in the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) has been recognized by other general dentists as a leader and an example to other dentists of the importance of quality continuing dental education. To earn a FAGD, your dentist must complete a minimum of 500 continuing dental education credit hours, pass a comprehensive exam and have been a AGD member for three continuous years. 

What are Masters of AGD? 

A general dentist who has earned the designation "Master" of the AGD (MAGD) has completed a structured and demanding set of requirements. To attain a MAGD, your dentist must first be a Fellow in the AGD. Then your dentist must earn an additional 600 approved continuing dental education credits, meeting the minimum requirements in certain dental disciplines, of which 400 hours are hands-on courses.

How does my dentist's membership in AGD benefit my family and me?

Your general dentist cares about long-term dental health for you and your family and demonstrates that concern by belonging to the AGD. Members are dedicated to continuing education to help stay up-to-date on the latest procedures to provide you and your family with quality treatment. The general dentist who remains current in general dentistry is better able to offer you and your family a variety of diagnosis and treatment choices.

What are the requirements to become and AGD member?

Members never stop learning since the AGD requires its members to participate 75-hours of voluntary continuing education every three years. However surveys show that members average 40 hours each year. 

How do these destinations benefit my family and me?

Fellows and Masters of the AGD follow a life long pursuit of continuing education. They want to provide the highest quality of dental care to you and your family. The awards symbolize the professional responsibility of your dentist to remain current in their profession. These are away however, and should not be confused with post-graduate degrees or certification. Every dentist who applies for the Fellowship or Mastership Award has their application reviewed by the AGD to ensure they meet AGD's high standards.

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